Traditionally innovative!

More than 80 years of system solutions for buildings, technology and processes.

We are at home on a lot of markets. Traditionally. That’s the way it has almost always been. That is our strength. Having a snappy solution ready – thanks to our wide range of experience – one that makes that all important little difference. Making installation less expensive and processes more reliable, reducing design to a minimum and thus lowering operating and energy costs. Just that little bit better than the rest.


With our roots firmly in Germany’s south-west, we currently not only offer sophisticated solutions throughout Germany, our branches in Luxembourg and France are also available for cross-border business.


Today, we are at home in 5 segments and offer our all-encompassing expertise:

We use the term “Building Solutions” for solutions related to single trades involved in technical building equipment.


When we move within the building, we filter exhaust air, cool processes, keep machines and plant to the required operating temperatures and look after the product environment responsibly in order to meet maximum quality requirements. We call this segment “Industry & Process Solutions”.


If you would like everything from a single source, such as a complete building with all its technical functions, we are just the partner you need: “General Contracting Solutions”


Energy costs out of control, the reason for this not tangible,

CO2 emissions too high? We analyse, design and accompany the necessary implementation measures and guarantee target achievement using comprehensive controlling instruments.  The whole value creation chain of energy management through to contracting models can be found summarised in our segment “Energy Solutions”.


Last but not least, it must be noted that even the best system cannot maintain its performance in the long term unless it is serviced comprehensively and regularly, and kept up to the latest standard thanks to permanent updates. Lean back and relax. We have specialists who have had solid training and can take over this matter competently. For more detailed information visit “Service Solutions”.


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